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Southside Chicagos’ rising star Vic Mensa has just dropped his new ep, aptly titled There’s Alot Going On as it was released the same day as new Kanye, DJ Khaled, DMX, Fetty Wap and YG singles. The opening track ‘Dynasty’ serves as a proper introduction, laying out all the themes he’s going to cover the tape; police brutality, the flint water crisis, institutional racism and his own struggle with drugs and depression, somehow summarizing it all on the shortest song. He barely pauses to breathe on anti-police banger ‘16 Shots’ as he threatens to avenge the death of a 16 year old Chicago boy by putting as many shots in the officer who killed him whist calling out the hypocrisy in the treatment of cops versus rappers in the legal system. ‘Danger’, the first track played at Kanyes’ Yeezy Season 3 launch immediately after Ye had finished premiering his new album, is the biggest track on the tape with an infectious hook about his loves of danger only serving to further his aggressively political lyricism.

We see more of the singing we saw on his early singles like Down On My Luck and on his feature on Kanyes Wolves towards the end of the tape on the rock tinged Liquor Locker and the Collision Course lite rock rap self-titled closer track where he shares the dark thoughts and addiction that was born out of his new found fame.  But best of all these tracks is Shades of Blue where he shares the tragic stories of those dying in Flint, Michigan whilst America looks elsewhere, punctuated with an emphatic, ‘damn daniel distracting you on instagram back at it again with the all-white media coverage’ in probably the most profound flip of the tired meme.

Theres a lot going on on this 7 track EP even with only one feature and one producer and hopefully he’s got enough off his chest that he can finish up his long awaited debut album expected later this year. And yes he did misspell ‘a lot’ in the title.

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Theres Alot Going On music video : 


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