“There is a lot of evil in the air”

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FEAT. a recent emotional interview with DJ Semtex and A$AP Ferg + social justice PSA featuring Rihanna, Beyonce and more.

The fight for social justice is in full swing at the moment, rappers and stars alike coming out making bold statements and participating in awareness campaigns left right and center.
In a haunting racial justice PSA released last week Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Common, Chance The Rapper, A$AP Rocky & more list the ways ‘You Could Be Killed If You Are Black In America’, some of these are “Failing to signal a lane change” “Selling cigarettes outside of your corner store” “Walking home with a friend” and my personal favorite “wearing a hoodie”.
Celebrities take turns speaking about senseless acts of violence that could have been avoided, the black and white setting a perfect match for the sombre tone
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In a recent interview with DJ Semtex A$AP Ferg also speaks with justified passion specifically about the shootings that have caused worldwide grief and controversy.
“Whats your take of the whole situation recently when we saw two people killed at the hands of police, and we saw 5 policemen shot dead?”
“I’m trying to understand, why does it keep happening? I understand that it hurts, it really really hurts but it hurts more knowing that all of this stuff been happening we just didn’t have social media to give us all of these avenues to put it out there.
Now we are seeing it as soon as it happens, people live streaming it, I’ve seen a lady and her boyfriend get shot up in a car whilst she had her daughter in the back… and that stuff hurts because at the end of the day I’m black, i gotta walk around with this skin every day, I’m scared, I fear for for my life, I fear for my families lives, I fear for humanity.
At the end of the day its not right, I’m touring and i feel like i need to be over there because I have family that s in the U.S going through all of this stuff, there is a lot of evil in the air, people toying with things, its deeper than we see.”
Trying to give us (or himself) something to hold onto Ferg draws a poetic comparison
“I believe like how the ocean cleans itself with the salt and everything like that, how everything washes up on the shore, i feel like that happens, it has to happen, blood needs to be shed you know, its like war.”


Week after week our screens and papers are sprawled with news of the latest shooting
There is no denying that there is a war on the streets but somehow still there is an ignorance that people hold within themselves, a blatant refusal to acknowledge or let alone to do something, that is what is holding the world from moving forward together.
“We are lucky all they want is equality, imagine if they wanted revenge” – Unknown


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