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So this is what’s up: A New York Times source has confirmed that Frank has an exclusive deal lined up with Apple Music, Boys Don’t Cry is going to be dropping on Friday PLUS the release is expected to include a video and a printed publication that will be distributed at Apple stores.
Now something that had people sweating was this elusive live stream yesterday on the albums website ( )
Fans were scrambling to find out what it all means, the empty studio warehouse and very suggestive Apple Logo sitting in the corner.
White noise, occasional classical music bursts, sneaker squeaks and other ambient sounds were giving nothing away (apart from dangerously chill vibes). And then we find out the following: ‘Lost’ music video director Francis Soriano has claimed the stream is actually a looped video he made.
Congratulations, we played ourselves.
Never the less, we have our date, we have some sort of confirmation, and we have an eerily amazing live stream with the occasional power tool ( and most of all we have hope for Friday.

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