Meek Mill Kills It

July 14, 2015 2:27 pm Published by 1 Comment

Meek Mill’s long awaited album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, may have finally solidified Milly’s place in the current rap scene. The album, which was pushed back on multiple occasions, is available to stream, purchase and turn up to. The mobile app, Meek Mill’s Bike Life also debuted shortly after the release of his album, leaving us with multiple reasons to talk about the Philly rapper.

Meek has sold 216,173 albums in the first week, which is 50K over his debut album Dreams & Nightmares, with stream numbers still yet to be released. This is the third highest rap opening week this year, pretty impressive for a guy with no airplay singles.

The album features appearances from Future, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Drake and The Weeknd just to name a few.

Overall, the album is a lot more memorable as a whole, with a handful of potential club banger singles, compared to Dreams & Nightmares, on which only the title track survived.

The album shows Meek taking more risks, but also taking a step back on multiple tracks, letting the feature artists take lead. This is neither a positive nor a negative, as I feel Meek hasn’t proven that he can successfully carry a whole album himself, thus the assistance is valuable.

To add to his current streak of success (Landing Nicki Minaj…new album) Meek’s app is also number 1 on the charts. I downloaded the app as soon as it was released, but as I am absolutely terrible at smartphone games, had no luck. Maybe you will absolutely kill it, however- so celebrate Meek’s current success, turn up DWMTM and get riding.

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