Laundry DJ Q&A: Sonic Vibes

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Get to know the man that is Sonic Vibes.


  • How did you get into DJing?

A couple of my friends DJ’d at all the birthday parties back when I was 16 so I’d just tag along with them and got hooked on it haha.


  • Where does your DJ name come from?

My two friends that I learnt how to DJ from were called Sonic Vibes so we were kind of a trio back in the day. When they stopped DJing I just kept the name. Thought about changing it several times but couldn’t think of anything/already made a name for myself with Sonic Vibes.


  • Where do you find new music?

Might be an obvious one but Hotnewhiphop is my go to website, either that or I’m subscribed to a few DJ pool websites that update new music daily.


  • What music did you grow up on? Is that different from the sound that influences you now?

I grew up around a lot of my older cousins so it would vary from RnB/Hip Hop to Soulful House/House music in general. I’d be listening to Usher one minute and then Dimitri from Paris or Axwell the next. It’s very similar to what I listen to/am influenced by today. I think I’ve just broadened my horizons a lot more in terms of different genres that I listen to.


  • What was the first event you ever played at?

The first event I ever played at was this underage festival called Summer Session like seven years ago. First over-age event was Derby Thursdays on Brunswick Street haha.


  • What else do you do on the side?

Besides DJing I’m usually working retail selling shoes, watching sports or playing FIFA.


  • When all the partying is over how do you chill out?

I usually just chill at home with some music on playing Xbox or go to the movies. That kinda gets my mind off the club scene.


  • What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not out DJing?

I would probably say hanging out with my friends (not in a club) haha.


  • What’s one thing that people would be very surprised to learn about you?

I’m OCD! Haha you can kinda see that in my djing. I’m like a neat freak as well lol.


  • Who is your favourite producer/DJ at the moment?

That’s a hard question because my two favorite producers at the moment are Melbourne boy GXNXVS & Kaytranada. My favorite DJ right now is the homie Stefan Radman.


  • Name one artist that you think is underrated.

I’m gonna keep it local so I’d say the most underrated would be Anfa Rose. I’m absolutely loving everything he’s releasing lately!


  • What do you love most about being up on stage and DJing for a large crowd?

The one thing I love is getting those nerves before every set and just getting that response and crowd interaction when I play certain songs. The way I see it is I can either make or break your night with what I play. So hopefully people are still enjoying my sets.


  • Where do you think the scene is headed?

I think finally there’s some really good Aussie hip hop music coming out lately, so it could potentially bridge that gap and have us DJ’s spinning that kinda music and supporting each other a lot more.


  • What’s your favourite 90’s jam?

My favorite 90’s jam has to be Armand Van Helden’s “You Don’t Know Me.” You can’t help but be in a good mood when that comes on.


  • What’s that one track that never ever gets old for you?

I’d have to say Chris Brown, “Run It!” Classic! I can still remember 2005 when that video came out and still feeling that same way.

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