Laundry DJ Q&A: Larrie

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Get to know our homegirl Larrie!


1. How did you get into DJing?

5-6 years ago I was dating a DJ & I had absolutely no interest until I decided to have a play around with some house music as it was easier to mix – I enjoyed the idea of hearing beats from different tracks melt into the next…it was heaven to my ears!

2. Where does your DJ name come from?

It’s my nickname for my real name, Laurissa.

3. Where do you find new music?

Rap blogs, social media, various internet radio stations.

4. What music did you grow up on?

Pop, R&B, Rock and Soul mainly. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston & Nat King Cole were on high rotation in my family home as a child.

5. What was the first event you ever played?

There was a club on Fitzroy st in St Kilda called “Pretty Please” – I remember being asked to support Spinderella (Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s DJ) and I was so damn nervous I felt so sick & jittery. Looking back on that now is pretty hilarious actually.

6. What else do you do on the side?

I’m actually a Uni student during the day & work in retail part time to fund my lifestyle!

7. When all the partying is over how do you chill out?

I love to thrift / op-shop – SO MUCH. It’s like a therapeutic release. I also need my vitamin D so catch me at a secluded beach or my local pool, brunching with friends, or nerding out playing Nintendo or simply laying out listening to new rap mixtapes.

8. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not out DJing?

Catching up on:



-Latest Netflix show

9. What’s one thing that people would be very surprised to learn about you?

I love the water but I can’t swim.

10. Name one artist that you think is underrated.

DVSN. They are an incredible duo from Toronto – a new wave R&B act. Their debut album Sept 5th was one of my faves for 2016.

11. What do you love most about being up on stage and DJing for a large crowd?

Bottom line as a DJ you have to be a crowd pleaser. No crowd, no party. When I see people feeling the same way I feel about a song I drop – eg a new rap track that perhaps isn’t mainstream – but the crowd gets it and loves it, that’s when I’m reminded of how much I love playing for the people.

12. Where do you think the scene is headed?

There are so many DJs in the scene right now and everyone’s on their hustle so it isn’t easy to be noticed. I think if DJs want to make it further in the music industry then producing is the next step along with strengthening your personal brand.

We’ll see a spike in social media tastemakers, influencers bringing music, fashion & lifestyle together by becoming DJs and vice versa.

I think technical DJing (scratching, etc) isn’t at the forefront right now but everything old is new again, so maybe we’ll even see a resurgence of that too?

13. What’s your favourite 90’s jam?

I don’t have a favourite, but man, Real McCoy’s “Another Night” goes off.

14. What’s that one track that never ever gets old for you?

“Headlines” by Drake.

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