Mikey Kay’s had an appreciation since childhood for Hiphop and R&B. Growing up listening to his older sister play him all her favourite artists, it came as no surprise when he announced to his family and friends he wanted to become a DJ. The actual moment he began his career wasn’t planned with starry eyes and swift hands though. Mikey started DJing by accident after taking over the decks at a gig when a friend became too intoxicated to play. Thankfully the crowd responded positively, and set Mikey on his current path. From that day forth he’s proven himself to be one of the most sought after R&B DJs in Melbourne. Humble in his approach, Mikey is extremely thankful he’s no stranger to sold out events, stunning locations or packed audiences, having played at Australia’s most prestigious venues. Mikey’s not only shown the world how Melbourne DJs rock a party, but picked up a few tricks from the far corners of the world to add to his collection. He’s ripped up the decks internationally through Europe, Asia and South America, but Mikey is currently drawing crowds and packing dance floors at Melbourne’s most popular nights. His musical arsenal is always ahead of the charts & his industry knowledge and experience is constantly expanding. Mikey’s motivation and message behind his art has never changed; We’re here for a good time, not a long time.
Instagram: djmikeykay

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