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Well that’s the end of an era!
Leaving us with one last album it’s only fit that it will be produced by the big dawg Snoop himself, the man that bought Bow Wow into rap by discovering him in 1993 at only 6 years old, and giving him his token stage name.
“I done seen it all, so it’s kinda like there’s nothing more that I want to accomplish, that I haven’t seen yet. It’s very repetitive. You name it, going on tour, I said I’ve done 7 arena tours, sold out tours, I’ve been to Europe and everywhere, I’ve rocked every arena, every theater, every skating rink when I first came up, everything, I visited every radio station, shook every hand…”
Not coming up short in accomplishments Bow Wow looks to take over another field, among other things he mentions numerous times that “it’s his time to take over the movie game” So maybe eyes to the big screen if you wanna see more of him.
His die hard music fans can rest assured though, the rapper states that he would be lying if he said he wasn’t going to make music ever again, comparing it to X-Box, saying eventually he would pick it up, and that he doesn’t ever think he will really stop. Weather he will release anything is another question (this retirement could be a temporary stunt to sell the album – but he seems pretty set on it to me).
“Close the chapter on the Bow Wow legacy let that be what it be, now it’s time for me to move on and become Bow Wow the actor, Bow Wow the business man, I got my clothing line gonna come out and be fly”

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