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The YUNG visionary from Brooklyn who didn’t mess around making waves in the scene, Joey Bada$$, co-founded Pro Era and made a name for himself in 2012 with the release of his debut mixtape ’1999′ not to mention the huge drop that was ‘Survival Tactics’ ft. Capital Steeze (R.I.P). If you don’t know his name by now get ready to soon, with recent shoutouts from and a comeback on the horizon don’t sleep on it. Our boy hasn’t done much since 2014 and we were losing faith but with bars like these we will forgive his absence.

“The kid been gone for a while now they missed him”

YEAH we did.

Stealing the beat from the MC for a sneaky second verse he almost slips up at 3:15, taking a few bars to jump on it again he then seamlessly provides another 70 odd seconds of velvet smooth carnage.

Not just a one trick homie, Badass mixes it up collaborating with different minds all the time, in September 2015 dropping a single with Korean hip-hop group Epik High’s Tablo and producer Code Kunst called “Hood” ( ) and On October 6, 2015, he released the single titled “Lose Control” with UK indie rock band Glass Animals, ( ). PLUS on March 4, 2016 Joey made his acting debut in the second season of Mr. Robot where he was cast as the reoccurring role of Leon.


( )




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