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“I’m all about the super confident woman, you feel me, but we also do other things. Other than take men and be sexy so let’s talk about that”

We get some perspective when Chynna Rogers speaks in an interview with Refinery29, to become the only woman that boasts a spot on A$AP Rocky’s roster of fashionable rappers is pretty monumental… so what is she about?

Now 22 years old (has been in the Mob since she was 19) Chynna is a rapper/model/musician from West Philly who finished her studies on her father’s wishes then dipped straight into the studio after graduation. “I don’t have the time to try and get your respect, I’m gonna get it just cause I’m not bullshitting, so once they realize that you know your weight, they either get intimidated and don’t wanna fuck with you or they really wanna work with you… so the right people come.”

She grew up listening to the greats like Big Pun, her all-time favourite’s being Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. Finding huge inspiration in rap and wanting to get into the music game, modelling was something she only did because she was approached so often and knew she had the body, so why not.

Chynna released Glen Coco (2014)

and The Conversation (2015)

these are two examples of killer tracks, her flow is so clean and effortless. She also has two albums out, Chynna and Ninety – all rare. Plus started on a track in June with SUICIDE YEAR a producer from Louisiana, then continued on it with her boyfriend; that got dropped two months ago – straight fire.

“The person who inspired me to keep doing it was my friend yams. Gone too soon. Musical genius. To this day I still go to his twitter just to read the stuff that he said cause it’s motivational.”

A$AP endorsed, deadly and beautiful. Chynna Rogers is capable of being the golden woman of rap.

“Put on my heels now I’m tall as my money… tall as my money…”



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